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MIDI Recording and Editing

FL Studio 102


FL Studio by Image Line is a MIDI production powerhouse with features that you can't get in any other DAW. Explore this course by Rishabh Rajan and get super inspired by FL Studio’s unique MIDI features!

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1 Introduction 00:39
2 MIDI Controller Setup 03:05
3 Lock Controllers to Channels 02:25

Course Overview

Rishabh Rajan

Rishabh Rajan

FL Studio is a DAW that definitely stands out from the pack. With its advanced MIDI tools and features, not to mention its very unique workflows, this innovative DAW lets you create music quickly and easily… as long as you know your way around the software. In this course, producer and trainer Rishabh Rajan covers every skills you need for recording and editing MIDI with FL Studio 20.

First, Rishabh explains how to hook up your external MIDI controllers and configure it with FL Studio. He demonstrates how to load instruments in the Channel Rack, and how to lock them with specific MIDI hardware. You also learn about Instrument tracks and what a great time saver they can be.

Next, you go deep into recording and editing. This is where you learn about the different recording options, the extensive quantization features, the Piano Roll, all the MIDI tools, and some very handy shortcuts. Then, Rishabh dives even deeper into the software by covering easy ways to input chords, how to get the most out of the arpeggiation features, how to create an arrangement, how to automate your mix, and a lot more…

So get that MIDI knowledge you need in this course by FL Studio expert Rishabh Rajan, and unleash your MIDI creativity with FL Studio 20!