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Flutes and Oboes

Orchestration 103


In this Winds course, professional orchestrator Thomas Goss takes an in-depth look at two important members of the wind section: the flutes and oboes. Learn everything there is to know about these two unique instrument families from the best orchestration

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1 Studying Flutes & Oboes 03:37
2 Introduction to the Flute 10:12
3 Flute: Character and Technical Range 06:11

Course Overview

Thomas Goss

Thomas Goss

Click here to see to see the continuation of Video 15: Bass Oboe.

The flutes and oboes are two essential members of the wind section. This course covers both families in detail, including their range, register, strength, and the role each instrument plays within the orchestra.

The course begins with a thorough examination of the the flute and its family members, the piccolo, alto flute and bass flute. Thomas moves on with the oboe, English horn, and two less common instruments (oboe d’amore and bass oboe). With over 100 musical examples (from Ravel, Rimsky-Korsakov, Tchaikovsky, etc.) played by professional orchestral musicians, Thomas shares his wealth of knowledge and gives many orchestration tips along the way.

Included with the course is Thomas’ custom PDF guide, “Studying Wind Orchestration” which you can download via the Resource file link on the course’s product page.

So join trainer and composer Thomas on this new Orchestration course, and get inspired to compose, arrange and orchestrate for the flutes and oboes!